Axife Standard 7.0.1

  • Fixed: Tasks in non-Latin folder can not be replayed.
  • Fixed: Some bugs.

How to make multiple scripts running in task manager

Software Environment
Version: 7
Edition: Standard

1. Click the Task Manager item on the Options menu.

2. Click the New button on the toolbar.

Axife 7.0

  • Added: Task manager.(Standard)
  • Fixed: Repeat for time stops unexpectedly.(All editions)
  • Fixed: No acceleration in some cases.(All editions)
  • Fixed: Window does not respond in some cases.(All editions)
  • Fixed: Some bugs.(All editions)

Axife Mouse Recorder 6.0.2

  • Fixed: Exception keyboard and mouse in some cases.
  • Fixed: Some bugs.

Axife Mouse Recorder 6.0.1

  • Fixed: Exception loading when scheduling.
  • Fixed: Exception recording on high DPI.
  • Fixed: Some bugs.

Why the cursor moves to the wrong location or movements and clicks are offset in playback (High DPI on Windows 7 & 8)

Because the pixel has some compatibility issues in high DPI mode, resulting in Axife Mouse Recorder can not play back properly after recording. In order to solve this problem, please enable the optional setting "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings":

How to automate window operation by window & control actions

Brief explanation: Example of using window & control actions (The window & control actions wizard is on "Insert window & control action" button of "Insert" group panel) to automate the calculator (Windows 8 default).

Detailed steps:
 1. Open the calculator (Click "Insert file action" button on "Insert" group panel and select "Open program/file" item, then enter "calc" on the path input box of "Insert open program/file" window and click "Insert" button).

Action sample: